Frequently Asked Questions

How much per square foot?
Square foot prices vary because of access and preparation conditions . Whether it is the front or back yard may decrease or increase the square foot cost.
Does concrete come with a warranty?
Yes. Dunrite Concrete inc., warranties all workmanship and cracks over 1/8″ wide. Warranty Disclosure
Do I have to maintain the concrete?
Yes. Concrete should be sealed and re-sealed at lease every other year. Dunrite Concrete inc., suggests you seal every year to protect the concrete from the elements.
How expensive is it to seal concrete?
You can expect to spend from $100 to $200 to seal your new concrete. (depending on the area) A small amount to pay to insure the longevity of your concrete and the thousands it would otherwise cost to replace.
Does concrete need reinforcement?
Yes. Concrete has great compressive strength but has little tensile strength (pull apart force) Dunrite Concrete inc., uses 6x6x10 wire mesh and rebar when necessary.
Why not just use rebar and not the mesh? Why do you have to use both?
Rebar is rigid and does not allow concrete to move freely as needed. The wire mesh allows concrete to move, and keeps cracks from separating.
How do I select a good concrete company?
Go the their web site and see who you feel comfortable with. Get bids from at least three (3) contractors. Remember, the low bid may not always be the best bid. Make sure they are certified by the State, (if required), bonded and insured. See if they are members of the Better Business Bureau- it’s good to check.